KMB Potash


Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria

Additionally Organic Carbon and Organic K2O.

Valid as per Fertilizer Control Order, India's grade of Biofertilizers.

For water retention in plant, disease resistance, size and quality of fruits, Potassium is an essential element. KMB Potash helps plants to avail Potassium from soil.

Mode of Action:

Bacteria in KMB Potash facilitates plants to uptake Potassium from soil and mobilizes Potassium which is in stable form in soil. Helps plant to retain water, resist against pests and diseases and gives shining and better fruit size.

Application:Soil application as basal fertilizer and at flowering and fruiting stage.

Dosage: 50 Kg per acre in seasonal crop. 100 Kg per acre in annual crop or fruit trees.